2021 Last Mango Youth Ambassadors

Chris B

Christopher B.

Chris resides in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The main charity that Chris supports is Lasagna Love. Lasagna Love is a nationwide grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal deliveries. Lasagna Love seeks to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help. Chris applied to the Last Mango Youth Ambassador program because he has always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his mentors, his grandparents and parents. These mentors in his life have always been involved in charity work.

James B

James B.

James resides in central Massachusetts. James applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because he feels that the Last Mango brand aligns well with his personality. James spends much of his free time around boats and the water while helping others. One of his favorite charities to support is Lasagna Love. Lasagna Love connects people willing to cook a lasagna with someone who could benefit from a home cooked meal. James also volunteers at his local church food bank and a nearby recycling center.

Brigid B

Brigid B.

Brigid resides in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Brigid applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because she wanted to become more involved with her community. She is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music. Brigid regularly supports and holds fundraisers for Friends of Stark Parks and Freedom Fighter Outdoors.

Coral E.

Coral E.

Coral resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Coral supports many charities but the most important charity to her is Norton Children’s Hospital because they saved her life. Coral is an ambassador for Norton Children’s Hospital and she also hosts fundraisers for the hospital. She volunteers at many of their events to help support the hospital and she very much enjoys giving back to her community. Coral applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because she felt the mission aligned with her values and she very much enjoys the Last Mango team. She feels that her fellow ambassadors are amazing teens and that Sarah and Vinnie are the best.

Zach I

Zach I.

Zach resides in Melville, NY but frequently visits Freeport, NY and Montauk, NY. Zach applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because he is a big fan of the merchandise and the charities Last Mango supports. He will be applying for college next year with his dream school being SUNY Maritime. Zach wanted to get involved with extracurricular activities that mesh with his interests and he felt that the Last Mango Youth Ambassador Program was the perfect fit. Zach has fun supporting charities like Freedom Fighter Outdoors, Operation S.P.L.A.S.H, and Hooks for Hero’s.

Johnny M

Johnny M.

Johnny resides in Batavia, Illinois. Johnny supports Shedd Aquarium and Freedom Fighter Outdoors. He also plays games with children with disabilities, educates children about the ocean, picks up trash whether it is locally or on a vacation and much more. Johnny applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because he was inspired by Jimmy Buffett. When he was four years old, he was at his uncle’s lake house in Wisconsin and he went for a boat ride. One of Mr. Buffett’s songs came on the radio and Johnny never forgot how happy the song made him feel. Years later, when Johnny was old enough to search the internet, he rediscovered Mr. Buffett and began to listen to his music. The music inspired Johnny’s passion for the ocean, marine life, fishing and much more and most important, the music helped Johnny get through some tricky times with peers at his middle school. When Johnny began high school, he followed @jimmybuffett on social media which is where Johnny found out about Last Mango Boatworks. The opportunity to be an ambassador for such an amazing organization as well as his love for the ocean and giving back lead to him to apply to the Last Mango Youth Ambassador Program. He was so happy to have been given this opportunity. Johnny hopes to be accepted into the University of Miami and major in marine science and atmospheric sciences/business-entrepreneurship which he feels will bring him closer to the magical ocean.

Hannah R

Hannah R.

Hannah lives in Suffolk, Virginia. She applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador because she thought it would be a great opportunity to do good and spreading the message to #SeeTheGoodSide. Hannah has made lasagnas for Lasagna Love and delivered them to families in need. She has picked up trash along the local waterways for Nauticus and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Hannah has also done graphics and posters for the Hatteras Youth Sailing Organization. Hannah also volunteers at the Norfolk Botanical Garden to help with their Washed Ashore exhibit which helps to raise awareness for environmental awareness and sustainability.

Julianna W

Julianna W.

Julianna lives in Annapolis, Maryland. Julianna applied to be a Last Mango Youth Ambassador after her mom had introduced the idea to her. Julianna’s parents were familiar with Last Mango, as they are regulars to boating and listening to Jimmy Buffett music. Without hesitation, she decided to take a chance and apply, as she deemed it to be an amazing and inspiring opportunity. Throughout Julianna’s application process, she expressed her interest in helping a local charity that has taken a huge interest in her personal life, the Casey Cares Foundation. Now months later, she is largely involved with the foundation. They have provided Julianna with several opportunities to practice the act of giving back to something that she is truly passionate about.

Carson S

Carson S.

Carson S. resides in Panama City, FL. Carson’s passions are hunting and fishing which is why he feels extremely fortunate to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Carson applied to the Last Mango Youth Ambassador Program because he enjoys the opportunity to help others. At the suggestion of Capt. Vinnie LaSorsa, Carson named his boat “Sea The Good Side!”. Carson is involved with cross country at his school and raises money for beach clean-ups, Hurricane Ida evacuees and Camo Dreams. Camo Dreams is an organization providing children with disabilities or terminal illnesses with once in a lifetime opportunities such as hunting and fishing. Carson became involved with Camo Dreams with the support of his dad, an EMS Captain, who also volunteers with Camo Dreams. He feels it is heartwarming to see the kids enjoy an opportunity they would never to be able to experience without the organization