Last Mango Boatworks "The Drifter" by LIVE Watersports

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Last Mango Boatworks has partnered with LIVE Watersports to create The Drifter. A customized paddle board that represents Last Mango’s motto to “See the Good Side”. Proceeds from the sale of all Last Mango Boatworks products go to support two charities Freedom Fighter Outdoors and Singing for Change.

The board comes in Last Mango’s signature Sea Foam blue with a customized pads and designs.

The Drifter is hand produced by LIVE Watersports. It is LIVE’s newest fastest and most agile board. The Drifter’s newly designed TunnelHull allows the board to ride higher in the water. This makes it the perfect board for fishing in shallow waters. The Aerodynamic Toe Rail is designed to keep fishing line on the deck and not getting blown about.

  • LENGTH: 12'6"
  • WIDTH: 32"
  • WEIGHT: 50 Lbs
  • CAPACITY: 400 Lbs

LIVE's fastest and most agile board

The Drifter's advanced fishing design places it in rarefied air within the paddle board fishing world. Simultaneously its sleek design and amazing maneuverability makes it the perfect board for exercise and leisure.

teal Last Mango Boatworks Paddleboard with text to the side 'The Drifter ADVANCED TRACK SYSTEM The Drifter Uses YakAttack's new MightyMount XL track. The enhanced track is compatible with all of Yak Attacks Existing accessories. AERODYNAMIC TOE RAIL The toe rail's aerodynamic design not only protects fishing it assists the Drifter performance advantage of riding higher in the water. LIVE ELEVATED The deck design on the Drifter has been beveled and raised to assist in keeping the deck as dry as possible. PLAY WITH A FULL DECK The Drifter has 17sqft of usable deck space and a minimum load capacity of 400 lbs. capacity. HIGH AND DRY The Drifter's newly designed TunnelHull rides higher. This new Hull design, Aerodynamic Toe Rail, LIVE's Elevated Deck and the Enhanced Drain Channels combine for a much dryer paddling experience. ENHANCED DRAIN CHANNELS Purposefully designed to move water quickly off the deck.'